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I'm a Master of Ceremonies

16 Juli 2009

Study what an MC should and should not do. Then, perform in front of the class as an MC.

  1. You are the stage setter.
  2. Create an inviting environment.
  3. Be really interested in the speaker and subject.
  4. Unless the speaker is a celebrity, use his or her name several times.
  5. When you make an introduction, speak to the audience, not to the person being introduced.
  6. Do not upstage or over praise.
  7. Welcome the speaker with a handshake, nod, smile, or slight touch on the shoulder.
  8. Lead the applause.

Study the following expressions for opening, introducing the event and speaker, and closing a ceremony.

A. Opening

  • Good afternoon. My name is ….
  • Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.
  • Good evening, the distinguished guest, Ladies and Gentlemen.

B. Introducing the event

  • Welcome to this event.
  • I want to welcome you to ….
  • It is greatest pleasure to welcome you ….

C. Introducing the speaker

  • Our speaker for this day is ….
  • It’s our pleasure to have … here with us.
  • Mr/Mrs … will talk about ….

D. Closing

  • We have had a fascinating talk ….
  • Thank you for your participation.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the end of this reception.
  • Thank you ….

Note : The expressions used by MCs are generally formal expressions.

As a master of ceremonies there are many things that you have to do and don’t have to do. Determine which one an MC should or should not do.

  1. Understand the events and activities.
  2. Understand the audience.
  3. Understand dress requirements.
  4. Introduce only the notable speaker.
  5. Read the speaker’s entire biography.
  6. Fumble for words.
  7. Look at the speaker when introducing him/her.
  8. Tell lengthy jokes.
  9. Use curse words.
  10. Allow the meeting to taper off.
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  1. Hadi Prayogo permalink
    30 Juli 2009 6:35 PM

    Thanks atas tipsnya,,,

  2. 29 Juli 2009 7:51 PM

    @ Mifta : hanya orang2 yang beruntung dapat menyaksikan kemampuan saya yang sesungguhnya

  3. 29 Juli 2009 7:46 PM

    sambil melintas cakrawala negeri ini diriku mampir disini….


  4. 21 Juli 2009 2:08 PM

    ngomong2, kok aku ga prnah liat km jd MC?

  5. 17 Juli 2009 10:47 PM

    numpang mampir yaa

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